Tech Cocktail Founder and CEO Frank Gruber

About Us

Tech Cocktail is a media company founded and lead by former Aol product strategist, long-time tech blogger and new media pioneer Frank Gruber. The company focuses on celebrating entrepreneurs, emerging technology and innovation with an emphasis on the people – the “cocktail” of people, who make things happen. Along with the leadership of long-time technology producer, Jen Consalvo,  Frank and his team of tech analysts and curators bring a unique point of view to as they scour the web and world in search of fresh voices, interesting leaders, new products and services, hot news and trends, how-to’s and more.

Founded in 2006 as a simple community-building event, Tech Cocktail has morphed over the years into a full-fledged tech news blog and media company with thousands of fans, followers and supporters across the globe. Tech Cocktail has hosted local mixers, breakfasts, conferences, festivals and other events across the country that have attracted thousands of attendees, helping entrepreneurs by educating as they showcase their latest achievements and the local technology communities they live in.

Working with Tech Cocktail has helped start-ups across the country find employees, co-founders, funding and even become acquired. Tech Cocktail has hosted large events in Chicago, DC, Boston, Boulder, San Francisco, San Diego, Barcelona, Austin and more. A better informed, recognized and connected tech community is possible through Tech Cocktail. Check out the full schedule of upcoming Tech Cocktail events.

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